Hitomi Fujiwara Appreciation Month!

Aside from the usual Appreciation Month’s we have held so far, this time we cover an actress that I personally lack a lot of knowledge in. So without further adeu, I want to welcome all of you to Lesbian JAV Reviews’ appreciation month for…


On the very first look Hitomi Fujiwara doesn’t seem to have anything special but after a closer look you can feel that she has something special around here and that definitely translates into most of her appereances in レズ JAV’s. Additionally, this Appreciation Month is the perfect opportunity for me to broaden my horizon about an actress that I have not that much knowledge about. With that being said, we have prepared the usual: A JAV Actress thoughts post where JTM and me share our opinions about Hitomi, we introduce her into our Lesbian JAV Database and we Review one title where she is featured in. Which title that is? You’ll find out when it goes live.

And now have fun with Lesbian JAV Reviews’ appreciation month for Hitomi Fujiwara!

LJAVR’s Appreciation Month
JAV Actress thoughts (JTM and Mr. Hojo)
Lesbian JAV Database entry
Review: Coming 06/07/2015

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News: Maki Hojo, Uta Kohaku, Yuu Kawakami, Tomoda Ayaka and many others in 1 Video (SESA-008)

You have read the headline, right? If you haven’t read what it says in the brackets, then you probably would have assumed that it is a title by “BIBIAN” right? The series where they have about 8 different actresses going at it at once. Well sadly that isn’t the case and sadly it isn’t as exciting as one might think but before I get to my personal opinion regarding this title, I’ll provide you with the usual information regarding this title:

Serial: SESA-008
Release date: 2015/01/22
Actresses: 琥珀うた (Uta Kohaku) / 川上ゆう (Yuu Kawakami) / 北条麻妃 (Maki Hojo) / 友田彩也香 (Tomoda Ayaka) / 瀬名あゆむ (Ayumu Sena) / 新尾きり子 (Kiriko Niio) / 雨宮琴音 (Kotone Amamiya) / 松本まりな (Marina Matsumoto) / 保坂えり (Eri Hosaka) / 京野美麗 (Yui Kyouno)
Series: —
Supervision: —
Manufacturer: 設定思考 / 妄想族 (Settei Shikou / Mousouzoku)
Label: 設定思考 / 妄想族 (Settei Shikou / Mousouzoku)

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Review: LADYA-007

Basic Facts:
Serial: LADYA-007
Title: マ○コがマ○コに恋する瞬間
(Translated): Manko Ga Manko Ni Koi Suru Toki/”When Pussy Meets Pussy”
Series:  Manko Ga Manko Ni Koi Suru Toki
Supervision:  Nimura Hitoshi (二村ヒトシ)
Run Time: 125 Minutes
Manufacturer: LADY x LADY
Label: LADY x LADY
Released:  (7/18/2013)
Actresses:  2
Tachibana Hinata (橘ひなた), Fujiwara Hitomi (藤原ひとみ)
Sub-Genres: French (Deep) Kissing, Teasing/Foreplay, Fingering, Cunnilingus, Analingus/Rimming, 69, Tongue Wrestling, Heavy Petting, Breast Sucking

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JAV Actress Thoughts: Fujiwara Hitomi (藤原ひとみ)

JTM’s Thoughts

Since debuting in 2010, buxom and petite AV idol Fujiwara Hitomi (藤原ひとみ) has appeared in over 410 AV films with 67 of those being Lesbian themed.  With her striking Lolita good looks and cute genteel demeanor, it is little wonder why she is so popular among AV fans.

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Review: BBAN-022

Basic Facts
Serial BBAN-022
Title アスリートレズ痴漢 ~汗に濡れた身体を狙う卑猥なレズビアン~
(Translated) Athletic lesbian molester ~Sweating, wet bodies~
Series -.
Supervision -.
Runtime ~3 Hours
Manufacturer ビビアン (BIBAN)
Label ビビアン (BIBAN)
Released (2014/12/07)
Actresses 3
湊莉久 (Riku Minato)
阿部乃みく (Miku Abeno)
夏目優希 (Yuki Natsume)

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A little rant (Studios, Hetero aka horrible JAV’s and Fans)

A little rant
Hey dear friends of Lesbian JAV Reviews, it is me, Mr. Hojo with a slightly different post than usual.
If you have followed us for some time you probably remember the “Let me teach you” series. I posted it on this blog here as well, but the votes and images are pretty much broken, but the 2 posts that I did under this category dealt with 2 basic things:
#1: I was ranting about studios sucking lesbian JAV fans into buying titles that are actually hetero and thus are a waste of money and
#2: I was “teaching” you how to determine if a JAV is a lesbian JAV or a hetero JAV simply by looking at the cover.

It’s been a long time since I made those posts I think it was about 1-2 years ago and I haven’t really done a rant since then, but every time I chat with people or when I search for lesbian JAV’s I meet people or I see stuff that just makes my blood boil and since it’s bad for you mental health to keep it all bottled up inside you I wanted to let it out in this post and maybe you can even identify with some points in this little rant.

Before I start I wanna say that usually I refrain from using cusswords in any Review or Post that I do but since this is a rant, I’m gonna throw some cusswords around, so be aware of this. Also note that I’m not trying to insult any Fan or Person in particular.

I wanna split this “article” or “post” up into three categories.
I wanna rant about Studios, Horrible JAV’s that nobody cares about (that being Hetero JAV’s) in general and Fan’s of mentioned JAV’s.
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Review: VRXS-140

Basic Facts
Serial VRXS-140
Title 生き写し美少女姉妹 甦りレズビアン-死してもなお、家族を見守り続ける美しき愛-
(Translated) Beautiful ressurected lesbians – She watches over the family continously
Series -.
Supervision 白虎 (Byakko)
Runtime ~3 Hours
Manufacturer V&R Planning
Label -.
Released (2014/09/19)
Actresses 2
みづなれい(みずなれい) (Rei Mizuna)
有本紗世 (Sayo Arimoto)

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Review: MIAD-500

Basic Facts:

Serial: MIAD-500
Japanese Title:  学園レズビアン 先生と私の秘密 
Romaji/English Equivalent: Gakuen Lesbian – Sensei Tou Watashi No Himitsu/”School Academy Lesbians – Our Secret (My Teacher and I)”
Run Time: 151 Minutes
Manufacturer: Moodyz
Label: Moodyz
Director: Isaka Tomoyasu (井坂朋泰)
Released: 02.13.2011
Theme: Lesbian; School Romance; Student/Teacher; Yuri Ai
Sub-Genres: French (Deep) Kissing; Teasing/Foreplay; Fingering; Cunnilingus; Aningulus/Rimming; 69; Tongue Wrestling; Heavy Petting; Breast Sucking; Nipple Play; Toe-Sucking; Facesitting
Locations: School; Classroom; Bedroom; Infirmary

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JAV Hottie-of-the-Month – April – Ohori Kana ( 大堀香奈)

April’s Hottie-of-the-Month may not have been a major name in the world of JAV, but she certainly impressed with her diverse choice of projects and versatility in roles.  With her busty figure, petite frame, cute face and ample ass she starred in over 442 AVs with 31 of those being Lez films.  She appeared in everything from Interracial to Costume Heroine to S&M AVs and had portrayed everyone including mothers, teachers, students, secretaries, nurses and young wives.  Although her AV career only lasted three years (she debuted in 2010 but retired in late 2012), in those few years she had accomplished what other actresses would take several years to do.  April’s Hottie-of-the-Month is the short-haired beauty Ohori Kana (大堀香奈).

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